Friday, November 6, 2009

This one is for the ladies!!

I have the best girl friends! During all of my wedding festivities my ladies went above and way beyond the call of duty to make every wedding event so memorable and fun. I can't wait to return the favor to all my best friends. They gave me so many ideas and I just wanted to share a few with all of you. If you have any cute ideas for showers or bachelorette parties please leave a comment. I'd love to hear! :)

That's me in the middle :)
(My $29.00 David Meister dress I found at Neiman's Last Call - I couldn't believe it!)

Wedding Shower or Bachelorette Party ideas:
  • Pass out blank cards to the guests of the shower or party. Have them fill up the card with silly and heartfelt advise for the bride. After dinner or some time during the party, give the cards to the bride to open for later or to open and read aloud to the group. This is such a sweet and memorable idea.
  • Run a few ideas past your bride to be friend, make sure the events and decor are what the bride is comfortable with.
  • Bring a flip cam and take video clips throughout the party.
  • Instead of playing shower games, decorate flip flops for the bride and bridesmaids to wear at the reception. While sipping cocktails, flip through fashion and wedding magazines to collect hair and make up pictures that you want to recreate of the wedding day.

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