Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Holidays

Morning Peeps!
So I have to say the "holidays" are my favorite time of year. Although is still 80 degrees in San Antonio, I am still getting my game face on for the holiday parties, decorating, shopping, new recipes, etc. It's my FAV season! When my husband and I stopped by our house to pick up a few things yesterday. (We are currently staying with his grandmother due to not feeling so hot lately, feeling much better now-thanks!) Anyway. I did get out all of my holiday decor boxes. I'm REALLY excited.
Another really exciting part of the holidays is the tacky sweater/grand opening party my best friend and her boyfriend are having at their home in Plano. Also, what a stellar idea for a housewarming party during the holidays! Love it! While searching around on Etsy, I found the most perfect holiday semi tacky sweater dress with some serious 80's moments under it's belt. Paired with my J.Crew riding boots and leggings. I think it's a winner. Next task- finding a Bill Cosby-esqe sweater for my husband! Love to hear your advise and thoughts on the sweater dress. Pics to come! :) Wish me luck! Toodles.

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