Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Success: Flower Pillow Tutorial

A few months ago before Pinterest took control over my life, I kept a perfectly unorganized bookmark on my browser of all of the D.I.Y projects that I wanted to recreate. (I am a bit of a bookmark hoarder. I also hoard tv shows on my dvr. I am aware of my problem. I just have trouble letting my favorite tv shows go. But- enough about me.) When a friend mentioned needing a pillow to add the finishing touch to her nursery, I knew exactly what project to conquer first.  Below is my first go at a lovely flower pillow that I found on from guest blogger Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew.

I used a plastic cup to trace the two larger circles. (1 from the drinking end and 1 from the base)

I drew a large circle on my fabric and (slowly) began stitching around with the halves of the larger circles.
Making progress and it actually WILL turn out like it's suppose to. Shock! After a few circles in, I started to use the smaller halves of felt from the 2.5" template.
  I carefully bunched and positioned the felt pieces with pins before starting the sew them.
Tahdah! The finished project! How did I do? Not bad for a self taught sewer! I call this a pillow tutorial success! Don't you think? One project down, 15,000 to go!

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