Saturday, March 6, 2010

JPG for Target

Now lately, Target has not been on my list of best pals. However, I will overlook the past issues in anticipation of Jean Paul Gautier for Target!

I wasn't sure what to think of those dress, but I knew I wanted to see it in person. I was pleasantly surprised with how the dress fit. It ran a bit big so I probably could have gone a size smaller. It was a tad sheer.. but this was probably the piece our of the entire collection that I could see myself wearing in my everyday life.
Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Striped Tank Dress - Navy/French Cream

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Strapless Cloque Dress - Black

I was very pleased with the detail and the construction of this dress. Really, really cute. The only thing that was a turn off for me was the nylon material. Like the floral dress below, I don't want my clothes to have a wind-breaker feel.

My local Target didn't have this jacket for me to try. Totally disappointed!
I would love to see pics if anyone was able to snag it.
Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Stained Leather Jacket - Brown

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target® Rolled Collar Floral Dress - Pink
I was most disappointed with the material of this dress. I think anyone who buys this piece online is going to be surprised with what they receive in the mail. The dress is made of nylon and has no lining. It is quite sheer, and has the feeling of a windbreaker-plus, it makes a terrible nylon scratching noise when you move around.
I love the floral print, but this was a no-go for me.

These are my dressing room pics:

This is the only piece I left with. I can't wait for the warm weather to arrive!

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  1. No joke, I have almost tried this dress on about 5 times now...good choice!