Thursday, January 21, 2010

Basics 101

So I am sitting here with my morning coffee watching a Rachel Ray segment on the best basics to have in your wardrobe. Some of the staples in my wardrobe matched the Rachel Ray segment, but I thought I would expand on it just a bit. First things first!

These are absolutely the best pair of undies you will ever own! I have moved from Victoria Secret to Gap body back to Victoria Secret but no more my friends. These Hanky Pankys ARE the best thing in my wardrobe. Everyone feels a little bit better is great fitting foundation garments. When I got married, I put together a fun gift bag for all of my bridesmaids and every single one has come back to tell me what they are hooked on these undies. They come in amazing colors and prints. They have an amazing website and they are on twitter, which I love! Guys, think Valentine's Day?? They are one-size-fits-all, she will LOVE them.

Cole Hann Nike Heels
Now I have completely been spoiled by these puppies! No longer so I wish I would have brought my flats to change into. These fabulous pumps from Cole Haan have Nike technology in the soles to keep each step as comfortable as the last.
These are one of the top 3 investment pieces you must have in your wardrobe.
I have these:Cole Haan

Hanes V-neck Tshirts
These are another one of my favorite key items for my wardrobe. I LIVE in these. These white t-shirts come in a pack of 6 or 8 and they cost $8 or $10. My girlfriends get inexpensive dye at the grocery store and make them in all sorts of colors. I haven't ventured to do that yet, but its on my to-do list. The fit is outstanding! They don't pull, or lose shape. They are so comfy and so versatile. I wear them casually with jeans and a sweater or dressed up to go out with layers of long necklaces and skinny jeans. You must, must, must check these out. I love them!

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